US Culture Preparation

Gain awareness and practical application of American etiquette and professional mannerisms to relate better with American counterparts.

Employability Skills

Sessions in business etiquette and soft-skills in a range of topics encourage career success and mobility within American companies.

Spoken English

Improve pronunciation and
enunciation. Understand and be
understood by Americans while
speaking in English.

Language Skills

Improve overall English comprehension skills through working on listening, speaking, reading or writing skills in American English.

India Culture Preparation

Returning NRIs and foreigners moving to India can brainstorm and create a plan of action for adjusting to life in India.

Tongue Tied?

Build confidence when speaking English and working with your US clients and managers. Learn the do's and don'ts of working with Americans in your global office. Strengthen your English skills to build confidence and reduce misunderstandings. Develop your employability and soft skills to facilitate better office relationships with clients and managers.

With the experience of working and studying in the US and in India, Owner and Program Director of Authentic Journeys, Jennifer Kumar offers unique programs and services that help your teams to bridge the communication and culture gap.

Success Stories

Vice President
Financial Analytics Company, Bangalore

"Staying on the same page is easier with his American client, now that Ram is speaking in shorter, clearer sentences."

Job Smulders
Owner, Rent Autobus

"Understanding our communication styles helped me to give more direction to discussions with my India-based staff."

Media Analytics Company, Kochi

"We were enlightened on American values, how to communicate with people across borders, eating manners and so on."

Media Analytics Company, Kochi

"Games on presentations and summarizing helped me to raise my confidence level. Your encouragement was absolutely fantastic for me!"

Media Analytics Company, Kochi

"In the role plays, I learnt gestures, conversation starters, greetings, how to leave a voice mail and how to talk to a U.S. colleague over the phone."

Annelise Piers
Contentment India

"One-on-one coaching has helped Indians serving US clients achieve real results when communicating and taking initiative with Americans."

Media Analytics Company, Kochi

"In the two-day training, many causes of confusion arising from cultural differences were covered. The hand-outs were also very helpful."

Indian Studying in the US

"I am more confident handling difficult situations in American culture after discussing and brainstorming solutions with Jennifer."

Infopark, Kochi

"Through role plays, we learned about body language, posture, and how to behave with Americans in in-person meetings and conference calls."

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