Convince, Influence and Negotiate with US Clients & Colleagues

Have you ever agreed to something the US client asked without realizing it?
Has the US client ever requested something that was hard or impossible to provide, but you were afraid to disagree?
Did you ever want to ask the client a question, but backed off not knowing how they would take it?
Did you ever wish you knew how to build relationships with Americans to feel confident and comfortable to disagree?

If the answer is yes, this seminar is for you!

We explore how relationship building from the ground up builds the foundation for all kinds of business interactions –from the cordial, friendly discussions to the challenging, tense ones and how to prepare such situations to inspire confidence in the client and your team as well.

Audience Profile

Professionals on virtual teams heading meetings or managing global teams with American counterparts. Ideally, participants are team leads or team members interacting very closely on a regular basis with US counterparts discussing project deadlines, analyzing requirements, discussing resource allocation and other project related planning discussions. The techniques delivered in the session will give professionals the confidence to discuss a wide range of matters with the US client in a business-friendly way.

Job Titles of Participants Include

Business Analyst Project Lead Sr. Assoc. Vice President
CEO Risk Analyst System Analyst
Delivery Manager Senior Software Developer Team Lead
Human Resources Staff Software Architect Test Manager


  • Express Session: 8.5 hours or 1 working day
  • Express Plus Session: 16 hours or 2 working days

* Session times based on classroom face-to-face delivery methods. Session and module length varies based on intensity of modules, number of activities, debriefs and number of participants.

Number of Participants

For ideal outcomes 10-15 participants in a session is recommended.
For groups over 15, several options are available, including:

  • Breaking up the group into smaller groups
  • Extra per person payment (for groups over 15, please note that activities may be abbreviated due to lack of time)

Best results are seen in smaller teams, in group work over a period of time. As this is an advanced session on specific communication techniques, smaller groups are ideal so that - participants have an ample amount of time to practice based on real-life scenarios. Some groups also purchase individual coaching for select members after the training is over.

Mode of Delivery

  • Classroom: Face-to-face, instructor led
  • Online: For groups smaller than 5, classes can be delivered online (Skype, Google Hangouts, WebEx, your company's virtual platform).
  • Blended: Training delivered in a classroom is mixed with online follow up via the Authentic Journeys Aspire Online classroom materials, quizzes, and supplementary materials.
  • Individual Corporate Coaching: Select individuals or groups smaller than 5 can meet live with Jennifer Kumar via phone or VOIP methods over a period of days or weeks.

Syllabus Overview:

Section 1: What is Negotiation ?

Section 2: Small Talk in Meetings

Section 3: Non-verbal Communication & Listening


Role Plays/Mocks

Options/ Customizations

Syllabus customizations:
Role play suggestions:

Presentations: This training can be tailored for those preparing to present virtual demos, or for those going onsite to meet key players and deliver sales presentations. We also will specifically look at how to create convincing presentations, how to structure the time effectively, how to handle questions, how to pose questions to the group, what kind of information to include to convince Americans, how to follow up, and other relevant information. These types of sessions are best conducted with fewer than 5 people at a time.

Phone & Virtual Meetings: Participants will recreate a client meeting based on real-life scenarios.

Face-to-face Meetings: Similar to virtual meetings, but with additional feedback on how to be a good audience member or how to be an active participant (body language, non-verbal and verbal cues), with a focus on listening and group discussion skills.

Analysis of Live Client Meeting: Trainer will attend a real-time client meeting, observing and providing feedback to fine tune future meetings.

Related Training Programs:

Videos or audios: Can be made of the training for sharing within the team.

Online classroom: Available to share classroom materials after the training is over.

Certificates: Available upon request.

Small Talk Newsletter: Subscription to the Small Talk Newsletter – which helps non-American professionals learn about and make small talk about American Holidays.


"I learned that Americans are not as direct as I thought them to be. I know now some things to avoid saying directly or I have more confidence when to actually be more direct. I especially now know to avoid 'why you' questions and how to word such questions in a better, more friendly way."
Participant at UST Global

"Reporting solutions is more important than reporting problems."
IT Professional

"After taking this training, I learned how to talk about mistakes, and how doing this can help build a relationship to problem solving."
Technopark Participant

"During the phone role play, you were in another room, listening. You did not see me, but you told me in the debrief that I had bad posture on the phone, and that made my voice weak and unconvincing. I was shocked to get this feedback because I was bending down into the speakerphone. I thought if I bent down the client could hear me better. Now I know I should sit up straight to sound more confident and clear. Thank you."
Technopark Participant

"I now have more approaches to sharing feedback in status review calls."
Sujatha, Technopark

"I understand how to include the client into conversation using questions. I also understand why we must have structured meeting agendas, and even prepare questions in advance for difficult situations."
Infopark Participant

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