Tailor-made Programs to Bridge the India – US Cultural Gaps

Lead Across Cultures Coaching for Coaches Elevate Offshore Teams Amplify English Fluency

Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings equip you and your team in India to work effectively with US Americans.

Why Authentic Journeys?

Your teams conduct business in remote and virtual environments.

Our live instructor-led virtual programs are conducted in the same work environment that you and your team are familiar with.

We develop your team's business, leadership, and communications skills to manage client-facing communication with ease.

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—  Leadership/ Management Program
—  Coaching Skills for Managers
—  Work & Live in the US
—  Cultural Agility Coaching

—  Coaching Skills for Managers
—  Work & Live in the US
—  Cultural Agility Coaching
—  Work Effecively with US Americans

—  Solution Focused Coaching Certifications
—  Coaching Across Cultures
—  ICF Mentor Coaching
—  Core Competency Mastermind