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Jennifer Kumar is the Managing Director of Authentic Journeys. Jennifer manages all areas of the business from sales and marketing to client engagement, contracting, negotiation, training needs analysis, content development, facilitation, and all other administrative duties for the company.

Jennifer Kumar has over 15 years' experience working, studying and living between the US and India. Jennifer is aware of the challenges of being an expat in India as well as the challenges expats in the US face. Jennifer has been active in many Non-Resident Indian (NRI) cultural groups in the US as well as a point of contact for many American and other expats that have come to Kochi and South India for work, studies and short-term stays.

During her career, she has worked as an assistant to development projects through Harvard University, a key player creating and deploying programs for international students and professionals through major American universities and a behavioral change agent through various social service agencies in the US. To learn more about Jennifer's professional background, see her LinkedIn profile.

Advisory Panel & Expert Guides

In addition to providing business guidance for Authentic Journeys, the professionals below enhance the Authentic Journeys offerings through sharing their talents in online marketing, training delivery and editing of major projects. To learn more about their unique talents, click on their photos to read their bios. Feel free to contact us through the contact form below.

Yolanda M. Owens

Chris Sufi

Urvashi Pande

M.N. Krish

Preethi Kannath

Jennifer Tam

Cristina Canas Delgado

Annelise Piers

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