Presentation Skills

Learn skills to improve face-to-face or virtual presentations to ace the demo, go onsite and get client-buy in, deliver managerial presentations to your local team, or represent your team or company at a technical conference.

Audience Profile

Who attends this training? Career professionals who want to improve their presentation skills.

Job Titles of Participants Include

Business Analyst Project Lead Sr. Assoc. Vice President
CEO Risk Analyst System Analyst
Delivery Manager Senior Software Developer Team Lead
Human Resources Staff Software Architect Test Manager


  • Express Session: 8.5 hours or 1 working day
  • Express Plus Session: 16 hours or 2 working days

* Session times based on classroom face-to-face delivery methods. Session and module length varies based on intensity of modules, number of activities, debriefs and number of participants.

Number of Participants

For ideal outcomes 10-15 participants in a session is recommended.
For groups over 15, several options are available, including:

  • Breaking up the group into smaller groups
  • Extra per person payment (for groups over 25, note activities are abbreviated in many cases due to lack of time)

Best results are seen in smaller teams, in group work over a period of time. As this is an advanced session on specific communication techniques, smaller groups are ideal to give participants ample time to practice based on real-life client scenarios. Some groups also choose individual coaching for select members after the training is over.

Mode of Delivery

  • Classroom: Face-to-face, instructor led
  • Online: For groups smaller than 5, classes can be delivered online (Skype, Google Hangouts, WebEx, your company virtual platform).
  • Blended: Training delivered in a classroom is mixed with online follow up via the Authentic Journeys Aspire Online classroom materials, quizzes, and supplementary materials. Online follow up could also include virtual role plays or demos.
  • Individual Corporate Coaching: Select individuals or groups smaller than 5 can meet live with Jennifer Kumar via phone or VOIP methods over a period of days or weeks.

Syllabus Overview:
Section 1: Body Language and Voice Projection in a Presentation

Section 2: Presentation Creation or Updates

Section 3: Role Plays

Please note: Practice sessions can be handled over the phone or WebEx

Options/ Customizations

Syllabus customizations:
Before & After: See the difference when participants learn only the tips they need to improve themselves.

Mock Presentations: Training can focus on the appropriate medium: face-to-face, phone, WebEx or others as identified.

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Videos or audios: Can be made of the role plays for sharing within the team.

Online classroom: Available to share classroom materials after the training is over.

Certificates: Available upon request.

Small Talk Newsletter: Subscription to the Small Talk Newsletter – which helps non-American professionals learn about and make small talk about American Holidays.


"I have to deliver what most people consider boring, administrative presentations at quarterly business meetings. I was never looking forward to these meetings, as people often fell asleep. After coaching one-on-one with Jennifer, I learned critical skills to engage the audience and make them interested in the administrative functions of the office. I did not think it was possible, but it was and is!"
Team Lead in Bangalore with almost 20 years' experience

"I never used to think much about presentation skills because I was only talking to clients on the phone. I also thought because I knew the topic, I did not need to prepare a presentation. I was wrong. After learning a simple way to prepare a presentation and speak about it in an interesting way over the phone, my manager allowed me to handle a client demo with successful results. Since then, I have been handling client demos and even have represented my company at some tech conferences!"
Software Engineer

"We hired Jennifer to deliver this session to help the team break the ice in general situations. The team was pretty stiff and quiet with the client on the phone and onsite. The team also learned how to present in face to face meetings and be interactive audience members."
Bangalore based team lead

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