Lead Across Cultures

We specialize in coaching international professionals who work across cultures and use English as a second language. Our agile coaching approach builds effective, flexible, and proactive communicators with an eye towards business results.

Manager’s Coaching Cafe

Elevate your leadership, cross-cultural, project management, and communication skills through practical steps to achieve your goals.

Categories: IT, C-Suite, Mid-Level, Coaching, Consulting, Team Bldg, Project Mgmt, Lead Across Cultures
Coaching Skills for Managers

Transform your conversations with your team and other stakeholders with the use of coaching approaches.

Categories: IT, C-Suite & Leaders, Mid-Level & Managers, Coaching Skills, Live Online, Lead Across Cultures
Work and Live in the US

Guided discussions, brainstorming, and critical thinking sessions help your team learn each other's working and communication styles.

Categories: IT, C-Suite, Mid-Level, Cross-Cultural, Lead Across Cultures
Cultural Agility Coaching

Target and apply practical solutions to cultural and language challenges faced on your international teams on a day-to-day basis.

Categories: IT, C-Suite, Mid-Level, Cross-Cultural, Lead Across Cultures

Elevate Offshore Teams

Teams must learn how to work effectively in virtual environments. As our live instructor-led programs are delivered virtually, teams build their skills to work in this environment.

Managing Client Expectations

Transform your software development team into business-minded consultants with the confidence to communicate proactively with US clients.

Categories: IT, Mid-Level, Team Building, Elevate Offshore Teams
Deliver Impressive Status Updates

Aligning your updates to the clients' business needs while promoting your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to build trust and credibility.

Categories: IT, Foundational, Mid-Level, Consulting, Project Mgmt, Elevate Offshore Teams
Work Effectively with US Americans

Understand cultural differences, bridge the gaps, communicate effectively with US Americans while working from outside of the USA.

Categories: IT, Mid-Level, Foundational, Cross-Cultural, Elevate Offshore Teams
Leadership/Management Program

Enhance your team’s effectiveness and your business acumen with this comprehensive program.

Amplify English Fluency

Knowing how to use English in a global business environment is an invaluable skill. Thousands of professionals have gained valuable strategies to handle presentations, client meetings and site visits, networking in conferences, emails, instant messaging, and documentation with confidence.

Building Trust and Good Relations With US Americans

Learn about three types of small talk along with strategies on how to say no or push back while building credibility.

Categories: IT, Foundational, Team Building, Amplify English Fluency
Get Ready for Demos / Presentations

Deliver convincing, interactive presentations with US stakeholders that propel your team and business to new heights.

Category: IT, Mid-Level, Foundation, Consulting, Project Mgmt, Amplify English Fluency
The Ultimate Guide to Email Writing

Build online relationships via email and chat with ease, ensuring quicker, more targeted responses.

Business English Seminar

Speak confidently without fear, and write routine emails in English with your colleagues and global clients.

Categories: IT, Foundational, Language Fluency, Amplify English Fluency

Coaching for Coaches

If you're looking for an ICF certified coach to mentor or coach you to success as you build your coaching career, look no further! We help aspiring coaches like you to build your confidence and skills.

Coaching in English for Non-Native Speakers

Improve your confidence and comfort in learning, understanding, and applying your coaching skills in English especially if English is not your first language.

Categories: ICF Coaching, Language Fluency, Coaching for Coaches
ICF Core Competency Mastermind

Explore the new ICF competencies through reflective discussions, peer coaching, and mentoring using PCC Markers.

Categories: ICF Coaching, ICF CC, Coaching for Coaches
ICF Mentor Coaching

Sharpen your coaching skills by aligning your coaching approach to the ICF core competencies – a requirement for ICF certification.

Categories: ICF Coaching, ICF Core Competency, Coaching for Coaches
Coaching Across Cultures

We aid coaches like you to gain insights into your experiences, allow you to live your best life, and authentic journey.

Categories: ICF Coaching, Cross-Cultural Working Skills, Coaching for Coaches, Live Online
Solution Focused Coaching Certification

Coaching Fundamentals teaches “Solution Focused Coaching” an easy to use and easy to apply, yet structured, professional and evidence based approach.

Categories: ICF Coaching, Coaching Skills, Coaching for Coaches, Live Online

We are ready to build your team through performance coaching with goals tied to KPIs and tangible business outcomes.

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Cultural Agility & Leadership for Global Teams

Take your US-India business relationships to the next level when working with us!

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—  Coaching Skills for Managers
—  Work & Live in the US
—  Cultural Agility Coaching
—  Work Effecively with US Americans

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—  Coaching Across Cultures
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